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Assignment 6 – Preparing for assessment – 05/01/2016

I have re-read the Tutor Reports for Assignments 1-5 and detailed  below the the changes I have made in response to my tutor’s comments. The Dropbox links to each Assignment that I have modified are found below.

Assignment 1: Local communities I made a note of my tutor’s comment about submitting notes with the prints. If I decide to submit the prints for assessment rather than uploading the files, I will include the notes from my learning log. I decided not to reprint this assignment.

Assignment 2: Single image narratives I re-photographed the WW2 Graffiti image as the original was shot with ambient light and somewhat blurred. At the time I only had direct on-camera flash and the wall is protected behind perspex. I returned with a speedlight that allowed me to bounce flash off the ceiling. I increased the contrast and adjusted the colour balance during post processing. The Memorial Seat Old Portsmouth and Charles Leonard 1904 – 1984 images have been reprocessed. Guildhall Square image has been cropped and I have changed the order of the Memorial Seat Image  to that suggested by my tutor,  grouped with the personal/civilian memorials. The original brief was to display the series on a web page. The link for the first submission to my tutor is here:

 In line with the modified submission guidelines for assessment, I have produced a PDF document to  submit electronically.

Dropbox Link:

Assignment 3: Visual storytelling I continued to shoot and edit this assignment after I received my tutor’s feedback. I also showed the assignment to the Thames Valley Study group with tutor Jesse Alexander and received valuable insights from him and my fellow students. In summary, I edited to restrict the story to Kelly’s home life, performance and studio work. I attended another studio session and shot some more images with her producer bearing in mind my tutor’s comments about showing Kelly’s interactions. A comment was made at the TV study group questioning my use of captions and if they were really necessary. My response was to remove them. I had to draw a line under this ongoing story which I did in August with a picture of Kelly celebrating the release of her first single.

I have gone back to my blog and rewritten  my reflections on this assignment which respond to the new edit and my tutor’s comments on what is expected when reflecting on the assessment criteria. I must say that I find it very difficult to run the check list so I have summarised what I think I have done to makes the project work.

Dropbox Link:

Assignment 4: Critical review While my tutor gave me useful guidance on how my review could  be improved I only changed a couple of things related to the layout, checked my paraphrasing and citations and added some more references to the bibliography. Had I started to change the breadth and scope of the essay, I would have ended up rewriting the whole thing. I think it was a good first effort and the feedback will help me when I come to write my next review/essay.

Dropbox Link:

Assignment 5: Personal Project I light of my tutor’s comments and those of my fellow students from the TV study Group, I decided to simplify the scope of  the project to my personal recollections and leave out written references to my families historical associations with the sites photographed. I have included quotes from “Down Outings” where my route coincided with a particular visit (i.e. 9th September 1956). There is probably a whole project on each of the branches of my family tree. I have also changed the first three images to give more interest. I adjusted the tone of the Sidlesham Quay image (the Sea Purslane does have a bluish tone to it and is covered at high tide, receiving a greyish film of  sediment). Goosehill Camp is very difficult to find and to photograph because the earthwork is overgrown with yews. The image required a very long exposure on a dull overcast day. I chose this one for its dark and mysterious feel.

The hand made book is coming along well although not without some difficulties. I am currently working on an A4 landscape version. The difficulties have involved the weight of paper and the strength of the glue binding single sheets to the spine. I am hoping that the latest version of the binding will hold the pages together. In case it doesn’t, I am also preparing an A5 version with folded, thread bound pages which will definitely hold together. Unfortunately I am restricted to printing at A3 so a folded A4 version in landscape is not possible.

Dropbox Link:

Note added 18 January 2016: The A4 version of the book, although stronger has started to come apart so I have produced the A5 version detailed above for submission. I also chose a lighter weight paper (210g as opposed to 290g) although this was only available  in matte finish. Bookbinding is a difficult skill to master and takes practice. The latest version is an improvement on my first effort and although not perfect, I think I have achieved  my goal of making something reminiscent of our original ‘Down Outings’ journal.