March 2016 Assessment Results

I am pleased to report that I have passed the Photography 2 Documentary Course with a score of 63%. My Formal Assessment Report is pasted here:


I am pleased with this report but although I have made good progress during the course I still need to work on my creativity. I think I need to find out more about “risk taking” and imaginative outcomes. These are issues that seem to come up at every assessment.


11 thoughts on “March 2016 Assessment Results

    1. richard506896 Post author

      Thanks Rob, it has been an interesting and enjoyable journey. Good luck with your studies. I hope my efforts have given you some help on what to do and perhaps more important, what not to do!

  1. Catherine

    Congratulations Richard and good to see your development through Documentary acknowledged, with some good pointers to bring into Landscape. I’m not entirely sure what risk-taking means to be honest so maybe this could be a topic we can discuss in TV group.

  2. Richard Down

    Thanks Catherine. I am planning to ask the question of Jayne on Saturday. I think I need to address this as it keeps on coming up. I’ll get there….

      1. Judy Bach

        No , I am running way behind , I was given a 4 week extension . I am just working on my final assignment and will be finished by the beginning of May . I have decided to go for November assessment to give me plenty of time to prepare but will sign up for my next course soon . Have you started another course, if so please let me know so I can follow you again. Best wishes Judy

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