Assignment 5–Final Edit

UPDATE 23/12/15

I printed out the pages of my book. I was happy with the images but the text was, as my fellow students had pointed out, still too confusing. I decided to restrict references to my family history to extracts from “Down Outings” and rely on the images and a caption to carry the story of my walk.

I have reprinted the pages and will continue with the “Perfect” binding method for gluing the spine of single sheets

I will present the book in PDF format and as a physical object for assessment.


3 thoughts on “Assignment 5–Final Edit

    1. richard506896 Post author

      Hi Carol,
      Yes, very nearly at the end and I will be bringing the book to the next meeting. The perfect binding method has been giving me some problems. Normally it is achieved with a hot glue machine which I don’t have and is very expensive. I am hoping the latest A4 version stays together but I’m also making a sewn version just in case. Unfortunately, I can only make that as an A5 version. (All to do with landscape format and only having an A3 printer!) I’m currently working on Assignment 6, preparing for assessment in March. See you on the 16th.

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