Assignment 5–Final Edit and background information–3/11/15

I have edited the essay down to 15 images, my theme has returned to the walk and I have made ‘Walking Home’ into an update of ‘Down Outings’, selecting the images that mean the most to me and captioning them with scanned original documentation where relevant. I have left them deliberately vague to encourage the viewer to think about what is shown and to interpret them in parallel with their own experiences of immersion in the landscape.

At the moment the essay exists only as a PDF document but once I receive my tutor’s feedback, I will work on printing it and turning it into a handmade book for Assessment . An example of the layout is shown below. A caption page to the right of the image provides context.


I have incorporated Richard Long’s idea of walking a line, my human attachment to the landscape and reinforced it with the physical act of walking through it and recalling my connection with it.

As well as research into the work of Richard Long, I found a paper on-line, written by Ken Taylor from the Research School of Humanities, ANU, Canberra. The paper is called ‘Landscape and Memory’ and I was interested to read this:

“One of our deepest needs is for a sense of identity and belonging and a common denominator in this is human attachment to landscape and how we find identity in landscape and place. Landscape, therefore is not simply what we see but a way of seeing: we see it with our eye but interpret it with our mind and ascribe values to landscape for intangible – spiritual – reasons. Landscape can therefore be seen  as a cultural construct in which our sense of place and memories inhere.”

Taylor is writing about cultural constructs in this paper – my essay is a personal construct. In my presentation of the context, I have reduced the journey from a complex logistical  and physical exercise, to a single line with a start and end point and an indicator showing where each image occurs. It is a linear record in topography but a complex thread in chronology ranging from 1881 to 1960 and the present day, crisscrossing the physical line.


2 thoughts on “Assignment 5–Final Edit and background information–3/11/15

  1. Catherine

    That seems a most creative way of encapsulating the layers of history and memory. Wishing yu well with feedback and looking forward to seeing the book in the future.

  2. richard506896 Post author

    Thank you Catherine, it was a long journey creatively and I hope it makes some sense. I should hear back from my tutor before I go off on holiday – fingers crossed!


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