Assignment 5 – Progress with research – 21 September 2015

On 17th Sept. I decided to scout around the Weaver’s Down area to try to get a view of Longmoor Camp from the trig point shown on the map and ariel view below. Unfortunately, now that trig points are no longer used by the OS, the trees have been allowed to obscure the line of sight to the NW where the camp lies. Perhaps a better view of the camp may be had from the range road, which will clearly show the camp’s location as it is now, divided from the ranges by the A3 trunk road. This has set me thinking about incorporating the idea of dramatic visible change contrasting with the almost imperceptible or very slow change around some of the protected ancient monuments.


Further searches on the map indicate that in places,  my route is close to the line of the Roman Road from Chichester to Silchester. Although the physical evidence of this may not show, using GPS, I can record locations where the road (indicated on the OS map) lies beneath the surface.

I also made another presentation of my ideas to the OCA Thames Valley Group on 19th Sept. I took along some of my research materials  and  some of my tentative images to see what the group had to say. I included my family’s Outings Journal from the 1950’s. to which my father encouraged us to contribute. It had a short life but there are some interesting accounts within its covers including a visit to Kingley Vale, which is on my walking route and is shown below.

img004 img005

I have also finalised my route and will start the walk on 23rd Sept.,  continue on the 24th and hopefully complete the final leg during the week ending 2nd October.


The route starts in Bordon and the sites of interest are:

  • Longmoor (Bordon)
  • Torberry Hill (South Harting)
  • Up Marden
      • Chilgrove
  • Kingley Vale and Goosehill Camp
  • Summersdale (Chichester)
  • Chichester City Centre
  • Chichester Canal
  • Sidlesham

The walk ends at my childhood home of Rose Green (Bognor Regis) where my mother still lives.


2 thoughts on “Assignment 5 – Progress with research – 21 September 2015

  1. richard506896 Post author

    Thank you Catherine, the first couple of days went well in glorious weather and I am working on John’s suggestion, recording my feelings about being in the landscape in writing so that I can return to make some very personal interpretations.


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