Study Day – OCA TV group, Saturday 19 September 2015

Following a brief discussion about the presentation of each others work in members learning logs, I have decided just to outline the contributions of others that I may find useful on my own project. Suffice to say, the members produced a range of interesting and varied work. As a reminder only, I have listed below who presented and the topic of the presentation.

Steve – Holodeck Project for the Real or Fake assignment in DPP.

Amano – No way home as a Photography with text assignment for Landscape

Holly –  an assignment on Chronic Pain (perhaps C&N I’m not sure)

Catherine – Putting yourself in the picture, triptychs of herself in the landscape

Vicky – Presented her 50 words for women project which she has now finished and discussed with us her ideas for Putting herself in the picture  which involves issues that she has to deal with each day

Eddy – presented a personal project (motivated by Sharon),  expressing his feelings about his home situation and his wife’s illness. I can empathise with his situation, having been there. I’m not sure I would have been able undertake such a project myself.

Documentary Assignment 5 – Personal Project

As detailed elsewhere, I took along my plans for the 41 mile walk from Bordon to Bognor Regis, some sample images and the “Down Outings” journal that we made as a family in the 1950’s. John made a suggestion about writing a journal of the walk and the feelings I had as I progressed on the route. Everyone was fascinated by the book and Sharon suggested that I could present the project in a similar way to the original, perhaps as a hand made book which looked it. At this stage, I am still not sure of the form the project will take and what is motivating it beyond the original idea. Until I have experienced the walk and been to see Richard Long’s Time and Space exhibition in Bristol next month, I am letting ideas wash over me.

Sharon Boothroyd

At this meeting we, as a group said our farewells to Sharon and wished her luck with her new job and her future work. There was no-one who wasn’t sorry to see her go. We have all received so much support from her, both as a tutor and a mentor to the group. Thanks Sharon!


5 thoughts on “Study Day – OCA TV group, Saturday 19 September 2015

  1. Catherine

    I think it’s a good idea to allow ideas to come gradually. I’m reading “Wanderlust” at the moment, taking it slowly, and it’s just brimful of the history of walking and why we walk. It’s going to be a great resource to me in future in both a historical and philosophical sense. You might like it. Looking forward as well to seeing your write-up on the Richard Long Exhibition.

  2. richard506896 Post author

    It’s interesting that you mentioned “Wanderlust” Catherine. We had a discussion about whether walking was an art form on Saturday. After seeing the Long exhibit, I concluded that it was. In the bookshop Jesse pointed out a book, “The Art of Walking – a field guide” , edited by David Evans which mentions “Wanderlust”. Solnit’s comments on Long’s work appear in the introduction. I bought the book and am reading about some very strange installations and performances. I have finished the walk now and am trying to absorb all of the ideas and sort them into a project that says something. About what is not yet clear……

    1. Catherine

      I had that book but I must have passed it on. Solent’s book is completely different. Hard to describe it but it’s as if you’re sitting there with her and she’s telling you so many different things about walking. For instance I never realised before how much of Pride & Prejudice is about walking and landscape!
      I’m guessing you took many photographs.

      1. richard506896 Post author

        Not that many Catherine, unfortunately walking south into the bright sun meant that I had a problem with very high contrast, especially in the woodland. I have made reference photographs and have already returned to some locations make more in optimum conditions.

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