Project: The documentary project

Photovoice is an organisation that gives a voice to disadvantaged and marginalised communities through photography at home and abroad. The New Londoners project is an interesting example of what community based projects can achieve. Through the publication of a book to carry the message that immigration can be a positive and rewarding experience, they have managed to humanise their experience beyond the mere statistics and negativity that we are used to seeing. The images that the photographers chose to show reflected a wide variety of interpretations of what being in a new home meant to them.

Kingsmead Eyes It seems that the link given in the course notes goes somewhere completely different. The link above goes to the project web page. I suspect the original and the new page have merged.

The idea behind the project reinforces the concept of collaborative projects involving the whole community, children and parents. As a lesson in communication amongst a diverse ethnic group appears to have been successful with the involvement of renowned photographers and teachers giving the children a real sense of purpose. The main project is presented as a video with an audio commentary by the children themselves. some reading poems they have written about their favourite photograph. As well as the children’s work, a group of parents became involved and presented their own video and audio showing the process involved in teaching the parents and children to use the cameras.

Crowd Funding: The link to the BJP and a search of the site did not find the article “With a little helps from my friends”. A Google search brought up several links, all back to the BJP site and a null result. A search for UK sites brought this:  and this:  which links to the Artquest site and contains a podcast by photographer Marc Wilson describing his successful experiences with crowd funding and in a video Sophie Giblin talks about her experiences. There are also a lot of links to crowd funding websites and helpful advice. Jose gave an interesting overview in this article for WeAreOCA and although the resulting discussion is now 4 years old, it is still relevant. It was good to read opinions of my current Tutor, Derek Trillo.


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