Assignment 5 – Progress with research WE 7/8/15

Here is my tutor’s response to my outline proposal that I emailed to him  with assignment 4 on 26th July 2015

The personal project proposal should accompany this review as you’ve noted. The ideas that you have emailed to me constitute an interesting idea. Quite how that will shape up visually I’m not sure – I guess you might not be either …yet. I’d suggest some trial runs to explore what you want to shoot and how these could be edited down to focused ideas and images.

You may well find that this proposal gives an insight to a smaller aspect of the planned topic; one that you want to pursue in more detail. This would be a valid progression from the initial plan and would show an ability to recognize new possibilities and modify your plan accordingly. If you send me your proposal brief and (if you have them) some images, I’ll comment further for you.

I sent my tutor a link to the introductory post above, on 3rd August 2015. While I await his comments I will continue to plan my “expedition” and explore how I might photograph and interpret these locations. I spent an afternoon looking at the local history collection of the Bordon Library for clues about what my Grandfather would have seen during his brief stay in Longmoor Camp from January to September in 1907.


While returning from a visit to my Mother on 30 July I stopped off at Harting Down and photographed Torberry Hill across the valley. The Iron Age Fort at Torberry was the first significant archaeological site that my father (and the rest of the family) was involved with in 1958.


The walk is tentatively pencilled  into mid September (after Arles) so most of my efforts this week have been concentrated on planning the route and organising accommodation.

Also this week I have been reading John Fowles’ essay and Ian Jeffrey’s introduction to Fay Godwin’s Land (1985) and will summarise my thoughts in my next post.


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