Assignment 5 – Personal Project Proposal


My proposal for the Personal Project involves a journey and came out of my Assignment 2 project, Remembering. For a number of years I have been planning to take a walk from my current home at Bordon in Hampshire to my family home in Bognor Regis West Sussex, a door to door distance by road of 35 miles although considerably longer by linked footpaths and bridleways. The drive, which I regularly take to visit my mother is always a reminder of the past. Along this route are included a number of personally significant sites which are linked to my family history through my father’s love of the South Downs and his interest in archaeology. I have recently researched my paternal grandfather’s Army service record and discovered links to sites here in Bordon and along the same route. In essence, the project will be about documenting a landscape that I feel very close to and  attempting to explain that emotional connection.

I think it is essential to make the walk first to confirm my emotional attachment to the places and at the same time, visit and record the sites with a view to returning  when the conditions are at their optimum for photography. With only 15 images to present I’m going to have to edit rigorously. I have started my research with a look at Fay Godwin’s Land and I have become interested in the work of Richard Long and David Goldsworthy. Of course the journey itself will cause the project to evolve. I am prepared to embrace and built on that possibility.


2 thoughts on “Assignment 5 – Personal Project Proposal

    1. richard506896 Post author

      Thanks Catherine, I think this final assignment requires an awful lot of preparation so your comments and feedback will be welcome. Watch this space! 😊


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