Assignment 3 – progress update 3rd May 2015

Assignment 3 – Visual storytelling

Using MS Publisher I have produced a PDF document which consists of a title cover page and ten captioned photographs to tell my story. I have uploaded this to my Drop Box folder and will send the link to my tutor by email.

Explanatory text

Kelly Peffers, singer, songwriter, actor, wife and mother – Virtually Famous

On the 3rd April I introduced my ideas for this project and my original scenarios for shooting have by and large, been followed. My own brief was to show how a young mother copes with her interests and family while carving out a career in a difficult and demanding industry. Kelly has been performing since the age of 16. She is regular concert goer and has  performed at an after show party attended by Noel Gallagher. She describes her musical style as “folk with attitude” and I have seen her perform spontaneously with her ukulele in the street and to commuters on the train. She told me recently that she had received a call from a local radio station as a result of one of these performances. Kelly writes her own songs, and with her husband, manages and generates her own publicity on the internet, via her own website and using social media.  Downtown Artists auditioned Kelly originally, saw she had talent and are producing and promoting  her as a recording artist. What has become apparent to me is just how much self-promotion is required and how most of that is done on line through social media. When her first single “I’m an Alien” is released on 4th July, it will only be available on the customary music download sites. Kelly uses on-line community and international radio stations to get her message across. It is obvious that she thoroughly enjoys her musical talent and has the ambition to succeed. I wish her luck.

Reflection on assignment

Demonstration of technical and visual skillsmaterials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills.

Quality of outcomecontent, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas.

Demonstration of creativityimagination, experimentation, invention, development of a personal voice.

Contextreflection, research, critical thinking (learning logs, critical reviews and essays).

I have considered my work against the course assessment criteria above and made the following observations:

In conceiving, executing and presenting this assignment, my images show that I have the technical skills to work in a variety of conditions both in terms of differing lighting and physical space. I have chosen a variety of viewpoints and camera angles, used flash and ambient light together to good effect.

The brief was to produce a photo story of 10 images and I have done this quite well with my second edit of the project. I have introduced Kelly as a wife and mother whose life is punctuated with live performances, recordings, radio interviews, culminating in the release of her first single. I have tried to reflect Kelly’s relaxed outlook on life in the style of my photography. Although most of the shots are posed in that she is aware of the camera, she always appears at ease and has a wonderful sense of humour.

I have tried to be as original and creative as I can but I’m not really the best person to judge this. Each photo story is unique and I have told this one as I saw it. I’ve certainly used my imagination to visualise the story and extract it from dozens of photographs taken over seven or eight sessions. I have directed Kelly and her children in their daily activities but I have not manufactured any scenarios, all of these events were happening, whether I was there or not. It is also gratifying to have had a couple of photographs from my sessions with Kelly, used in the local press.

I think I have done more reading and research for this section of the course than before. I still struggle to understand some of the work referenced and despair at  the academic language used in some of the essays. I continue to attend OCA study visits, make personal visits to galleries and find the interaction with fellow students at the Thames Valley study group invaluable.


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