Assignment 3 progress update – 1st May 2015

These are screenshots of a couple of the images that I have allowed Kelly to use for her publicity campaign to publicise and promote the release of her single on 4th July. I was anticipating the Plymouth Herald story coming out in the local Bordon papers this weekend but it seems something else has priority. (Can’t think what!) Below this I have included “Contact Sheets” of some other images showing aspects of Kelly’s life which I may include in my final edit. I will only include images of Kelly with her children in my final “Book Dummy” pdf. As I want to include the release of her single in my story and my assignment is now due, I have told my tutor that I will submit a “finished” version to him early next week and submit  an edited version in response to his feedback at assessment later in the year.




Contact sheets from the “I saw Kelly Peffers” promo event


Contact Sheets from The George “Open Mike” Night


Contact Sheets of Kelly working on her designs and during her interview with Chat and Spin Radio


I am hoping to put together my “Final” edit and submit the assignment to my tutor on 4th May.


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