Research Point – Charley Murrell and Hannah Starkey

Charley Murrell’s “Constructed Childhoods”

I first came across this work in Maria Short’s Context and Narrative. It is very imaginative, using digital construction to show a child’s dreams or perceptions within the same frame. Again, I had come across the work of Hannah Starkey before at a Study Day when we discussed the work of women photographers. 

Although her images do not appear to be constructed in the way of Murrell’s, they are carefully staged and composed to be interpreted and a narrative discovered. They have the intensity of a movie set, a frame in which a story is being played out but at the same time, the choice of location hints at a particular cultural, class or gender  identity. 

The end result is “real” in the sense that the artist has interpreted and presented a narrative to illustrate real life situations. In my own practice I am considering using a constructed narrative and staging a story for  Assignment 3.


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