Documentary – Part 3 – A colour vision–Introduction

I have had several ideas about Assignment 3. The one I am going to start with, is to research  Cpl Colin Turner (see Assignment 2) to see if there is a story behind his death in service in 1940. Although this is not really a local story, it did start only 20 miles away. If there is no story there, I have a friend who plays in a band, another who makes and sells to craft fares, and two farmers. There must be story there somewhere.

Learning Resources

I started the section by looking at the WeAreOCA links on page 61 of the course book.

Reading: On an exhibition crawl at Brighton Photo Biennial’  this link goes back to 2010. I had already looked at Dhruv Malhotra’s Sleepers. Many of the other links in the piece are now out of date. From the posts, I gleaned these links on the work mentioned:

Walker Evans:

Suzanne Opton:

I have attended the two subsequent Brighton Biennials and have added reviews to my learning log here:

Reading: OCA students visit the Hereford Photography Festival ‘  this link goes back to 2011 and the pictures are no longer available. However I have looked at some of these links already: Robbie Cooper’s site appears to be undergoing maintenance but I have looked at his work previously. Donald Weber Manuel Vasquez

Solsbury Hill Adrian Arbib Photo Voice

Reading: Right here, right now…second thoughts  – Format Photography Festival .

Interesting film about Michael Wolf

Peter Dench

Also I just received this link from Sharon Boothroyd for her new exhibition:


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