Project: Psychogeographies–continued

A Japanese connection

I read  the three documents listed in this section without having ever seen any of the work by these photographers. When I did see it I was disappointed. All three seem to have the style of “no style” reminiscent of letting adolescent’s loose with a camera and then a darkroom and telling them to photograph whatever they like without restriction. I got nothing from “French Kiss” just a sense of “why bother”. Sobol’s “I Tokyo” gave me a little more. I read his introduction to the work and I got the same feeling that he had about the city from his work. I felt that in order to understand his work I would have to visit Tokyo…. I looked at Moriyama’s website and got the same impression of his style. I also found this brief talk by Christopher Phillips about the layout of the book “Bye Bye Photography”

Maybe my critique and appreciation of contemporary photography still has a little way to go. At the moment, I can understand that Moriyama’s work reflects the hiatus of post war Japan but Sobol and Petersen gave me little or nothing.


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