Documentary Assignment 2: Single Image Narratives

Remembering – Commentary

This project is about remembrance and the physical and emotional devices that we use when we want to remember or be reminded. My images are broadly divided into the personal (people I knew and family members), remembrance of specific people who I don’t know  and  general memorials to groups. I have provided descriptions for all of the images in my planning notes. All have a narrative which is informed by my description but even when viewed with their simple captions, the viewer should be able to read sufficient from the contents of the frame for a satisfactory meaning to be inferred.

I chose to present the images in colour to contrast the age of the black and white  photographs included. I thought that presenting the whole image in black and white would remove the impact of the old photographs.

several things have emerged from this work. First of all, it is interesting to compare graffiti 65 years apart, similar motivation, completely different execution. The idea that time robs us of immortality is re-enforced on one hand by loss of family contact but countered on the other by the use of the information age to correct past errors and rediscover lost relations.

My eight images are presented below which is a link to a Windows Live album on my One Drive.

  • Clicking the link to view slideshow will open a file list
  • Double clicking the first file will open it in a viewing window
  • Click the right or left arrow to scroll through the album


Reflection on Assignment 2

I think I have applied my usual standards to the assessment criteria for this assignment but there are certain areas where I have struggled with conceptualisation of thoughts and communication of ideas. I found the brief for this  assignment extremely vague. I spent a lot of time trying different ideas before I was able to produce work that I am reasonably happy with.


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