Zig-Zag–the work of Francesca Woodman–Victoria Miro Gallery–4th October 2014

This study visit was led by Sharon Boothroyd. It was a small exhibition of just 25 prints from an artist who died by her own hand in 1981 at the age of 23. The daughter of American artists, her work has been widely shown worldwide.

These prints showed mainly her work derived from the zig-zag diagonals which she found around her and photographed at any opportunity.  I must say I found the whole thing very enigmatic. Beyond the obvious exploration of form, I found that it lacked (for me anyway) any obvious meaning.

I was struck by the similarity between this method of contorting herself into the frame of her pictures, to that of Arno Minkkinen into his own landscapes with self portraits.

Woodman is not someone that I had heard of before this exhibition. The best article I read as background was this one from the Guardian:


The hand out from the gallery was not clear enough to be reproduced here but images from the exhibition can be seen here: http://www.victoria-miro.com/exhibitions/463/


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