Reading–Edgelands– Journeys into England’s true wilderness

I liked this book. It is by Paul Farley and Michael Symmons-Roberts who are both poets. There are two reasons why I borrowed this book from the library, I saw it mentioned on the OCA Forum in a discussion about psychogeographies and I noticed the topic was coming up in this second section of the Documentary course. I thought it would make a useful source of ideas, if not for this course, certainly for Landscape. I was pleased to find that the authors view the English landscape in a similar way to me. The book is rich with descriptive imagery. The almost other-worldly experience of being out of your car in a place where everyone else is in theirs, was familiar to me. As a student I spent many hours in the no-mans-land between trunks roads and motorways thumbing lifts around the Midlands and South Wales. Very evocative, very familiar. As a reminder I will list the chapter headings so that I can bring to mind the wider context of the book.

Cars, Paths, Dens, Containers, Landfill, Water, Sewage, Wire, Gardens, Lofts, Canals, Bridges, Masts, Wasteland, Ruins, Woodlands, Venues, Mines, Power, Pallets, Hotels, Retail, Business, Ranges (golf), Lights, Airports, Weather and finally, Piers.


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