Assignment 2 – more thoughts

21 August  I seem to have reached a stumbling block on my preparations for Assignment 2. I think it would be beneficial  to complete my research on semiotics and symbols by reading “Visual Culture” which is a slow job. I am trying to decide on a unifying theme for my images and what form they should take. My tutor’s pointers for this assignment are as follows:

It would be good to see you continue to develop your observations of the quirky and characterful: A talent you have that demonstrates your own style and ‘voice’, that also adds interest to your images. Whilst the brief for assignment two is fairly open it is about people and their interaction with each other and/or with the world. These people, or this person could be yourself if you wanted to go for a personal story.

Assignment two doesn’t have the storyboard approach of assignment one. Each of the images need to be able to stand alone and have meaning, yet also create a whole assignment where the collective power of the images shows a common theme that you’ve chosen. This is more difficult than assignment one in that way, but you no longer have the constraint of a logical sequence of images that need to follow a particular path. You may well find that the outcome of assignment two is closer to photographers’ books and exhibitions that you have seen, i.e. tied by a collective theme, but where each image is strong enough to be viewed separately.

Over the coming month I shall be spending three weeks travelling in the UK, to and from the west country, twice, on public transport and engaging in, first, a team activity in a sailing race and second, walking the final 56 mile leg of the SW Coast path from Portland to Poole. Either one or both of these activities could be a rich source of material. I’ll add more to this when I decide on my theme and then I can start planning how I am going to structure the project.


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