Project: Narrative

Exercise: Football Boys

Analyse Martin Shield’s photograph

Denotations Two young boys (12-13 years?) dressed in football kit each with a football tucked under their arm while their free arm is draped over the shoulder of the other. Walking away from the camera alongside a street that has been cleared of housing while in the near distance are derelict tenement blocks.

Connotations These lads are good mates. They are returning home after an enjoyable time playing football on nearby waste ground at the edge of a deprived landscape. They may be underprivileged but find joy in their friendship and shared love of the game.

Q. Does the text of the accompanying article relate to your initial deconstruction of the photograph? If so how?

A. Yes, but only in respect of their environment.

Q. Does the text change your perception of the image? If so, how?

A. Yes, but only in that the narrative I constructed illustrates only one aspect of the story. The text has put the image into the context of the story about the rebuilding of the estates in Glasgow.


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