Reading & Research–Nick Danziger–”The British”

Following the idea in the course notes, I borrowed this book from the library to make the comparison between the early work “The English at Home” by Bill Brandt and Danziger’s book. Unfortunately I was not able to see a copy of Brandt’s book but there are enough examples from it on the internet to give me a good idea of the work.

I started by looking at: to find out more about his work. He is a committed and dedicated filmmaker and photojournalist who has travelled extensively and focused his energies on reporting the plight of the disadvantaged and helpless in the troubled regions of the world. A lot of his work is in black and white.

The British (2001)

I mentioned in an earlier post that Brandt’s “The English at Home” used pairs of photographs on opposite pages to juxtapose the class differences he found in the 1930’s. Danziger has done the opposite, producing a double ended book with the seemingly poor and powerless documented at one end and the establishment of the rich and powerful at the other. This is also a later work (2001) so is more contemporary with the work of the Exit Photography group and more relevant to modern Britain. It is also interesting that Danziger, although British by birth, made this work as a “local stranger “ (He has not made Britain his home).

I liked this book for the sheer scale of the undertaking, the variety of  the photography and spontaneity of some of the images. Social documentary work both as photographs and films seems to be the prime focus of Danziger’s work.




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