Assignment 1–Reflection on Tutor Feedback

I have now had a chance to reflect on the tutor report for assignment 1. I am pleased that my efforts in editing the final selection produced a coherent and understandable essay. I have bullet-pointed the main topics which require future action or additional reflection :

  • It is my preference to submit prints for assignment where specified. I shall in future include written notes so that the assignment can be viewed solely “off-line”.
  • The use of a single focal length lens was a challenge and I was always conscious of the speed at which I had to work, hence the sometimes cluttered backgrounds where I had seen a shot a grabbed it while I could. My normal zoom lens has a range 18-200mm but I am trying to use the “standard” (i.e. 35mm) fixed focal length more often. I also like it for its speed (f1.8).
  • Lighting was  another difficult choice. I decided against direct flash because of the effect of gluing the characters to the background with harsh shadows. The stage lighting was of course tungsten and the technical crew were using yellow gels. Perhaps I over-compensated the daylight/bounce flash images while attempting to achieve an over-all consistency. I’ll  watch this in the future.
  • I have been very fortunate that now I have this group of friends who are quite willing to help me with projects. One criticism I had early in my studies was that my images lacked people. I joined the Players group to be able to enrol their help with acting for  my DFP course. I will, at some point in the future, undertake a project backstage where I do not have a role and can concentrate solely on photography. I may even join another group (there are several locally) to vary the faces and locations.

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