Assignment 1 – Ethos, Rationale and Reflection

The Phoenix Players are an amateur group who produce three shows each year at the Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre in Bordon. My role in the group is backstage and I recorded preparations for a production of “Up Pompeii” during April and May this year. I tried to cover all aspects of the group working together and on the advice of my tutor, I concentrated on the personalities and interactions between them. I have selected three main areas which map the transition of their characters from the rehearsals through make-up and costume to the stage. I have tried to record the family atmosphere that existed backstage and some of the  humour which resulted not only from the script but the general light-hearted attitude that playing comedy brings. I hope I have succeeded.

Reflection: I have listed the assessment criteria below and recorded my assessment of how well I have met them.

  • Demonstration of Technical and visual skills  The particular requirements of this assignment (one camera and one fixed focal length lens) were challenging. I may not a have always been close enough to my subjects but I resisted the temptation  to crop my images. Lighting was always a challenge, I tried to avoid flash although bounce flash in the rehearsal room was not a problem. Overall, I am pleased with my technical and visual skills.
  • Quality of Outcome  I am still struggling with finding and bringing out ideas in my work. Luckily, working with a study group is helping me to improve in this regard. I  am reading more now and find this useful.
  • Demonstration of Creativity  My peers in the study group have helped me to identify the good and bad  prints I showed them. I hope the subsequent edit has produced a worthwhile essay.
  • Context  I am happy that learning log will show that I am now fully engaged in my studies and I spend as much time as I can looking and reading around the subject.

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