Assignment 1– selection of images

I put together an initial essay based on my original ideas and showed it at the Thames Valley Group Study day on 31st May. Here is what said in my write up:

I put out my images and explained about the brief for Local Communities. The group identified that it was a very disparate set. I explained that this was probably because I was involved with the group as a ‘participant observer’ as encouraged by the brief. I had still some more editing to do and I was looking to the group to find out what worked and which direction I should take the edit. Sharon said that there is often something very interesting going on in my work and I need to be able to see it and follow it  through.  She mentioned Eve Arnold’s film stills, not looking to document the whole thing, just the interesting moments and identified the transformation from person to character as an idea to work on.  Looking at future projects, go with a single purpose (no distractions) and concentrate on one theme. Below is the set that I showed:


I will discuss this further in the ‘Assignment 1’ section of my learning log as I make my final selection based on the advice and feedback from the group.

As the TV group session has identified a ‘transformation’ theme in my selection, I decided to go back to my files and see if I could expend this idea. I made a close study of all of my photographs, identified some relevant images and printed them. My original idea to document the whole production process in my essay just wasn’t practical, i.e. it would take more than 10 prints. I chose three prints of the rehearsal room showing the interaction between players, four prints which involved the transformation of the players into their characters and three prints from the actors on stage. Here is my final selection:


I have posted the prints to my tutor on 3 July 2014


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