Forever Young–Martijn van de Griendt–Kunsthal Rotterdam, 29 April 2014

I was in Rotterdam for a few days recently and on a visit to the Kunsthal I took a look at this photographer’s work.

The exhibition was called Forever Young and as far as I could tell, contains images from many of his projects which can be seen here: go to ‘who what where’ and then ‘what I see’ to look at his work.

image  Book cover

The introduction tells how van de Griendt immerses himself amongst groups of teenagers (worldwide) so that they accept him  and only then will he record the activities of the groups, remaining invisible to them, accepted by his total honesty in his dealings with them. (he is 43 years old). Although the generation is different, many of the situations are universally recognisable to teenagers of any era. It is all there, the fear, embarrassment, uncertainty, loneliness, loyalty, love, sex, rejection. He has summed up those years when we are still children but expected to behave as adults. The title of the exhibition is is taken from the song of the same name by Bob Dylan.

I was pleased to find this at the beginning of the Documentary course. It has given me a good example of Documentary Photography as Art to consider as I look at the history and contemporary practice of the genre.


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